Venice ’10 (day 5)

5. September 2010

After hectic first three days of the festival strangely quiet weekend follows on the Lido. John Turturros directorial debut „Passione“,  a documentary about napolitan music, […]

Venice ’10 (day 1)

1. September 2010

First day of the festival. I have to leave the screening of the opening flick „Black Swan“ at the very moment when Natalie Portman’s character […]

Venice ’10 (eve)

31. August 2010

Tomorrow Venice film festival starts with Aronofsky’s „Black Swan“.  The evening preparations at the Mostra.

Brasiliana 2 (Corcovado)

27. August 2010

Tom Jobim was one of the greatest composer of MPB (Brazilian Pop Music). Here he is performing his beautifull Corcovado song in Japan. Antônio Carlos […]

Brasiliana 1 (Montreux)

27. August 2010

Leila Pinheiro and Joyce are better musicians; Gal Costa is better looking; and Luciana Souza has a more distinctive style—but in last half century of […]

Andy Warhols Nase

23. August 2010

von Ewa Hess Als Andy Warhols «Green Car Crash» 2007 in New York den Zuschlag für 72 Millionen Dollar bekam, wusste jeder, wer der Künstler […]


18. August 2010

15. August 2010

Bonne nuit & bon jour

Wikileaks Hair Mystery

14. August 2010

If Julian Assange is famous for one thing besides leaking a bunch of secret documents through his website Wikileaks, it’s his hair. Those ethereal, silver […]


13. August 2010

Archibald Douglas

13. August 2010

Fontanes Ballade, vertont von Carl Löwe, gesungen von Ferdinand Frantz

Schloss Tantallon

13. August 2010

Der alte Schotte Archibald Douglas war ein gefürchteter Mann. Wurde mir sofort klar, als ich auf einer Zinne seines Schlosses, Tantallon, stand. Weder der ruinöse […]