Venice ’10 (day 5)

After hectic first three days of the festival strangely quiet weekend follows on the Lido. John Turturros directorial debut „Passione“,  a documentary about napolitan music, suffers from the bad quality of soundsystem in the Sala Darsena. Turturros introductions are witty, but the overly dramatic staging of the canzones requires some habituation. Nevertheless, the primetime screening on saturday gets masses of applaus (which i mischieviously suspect is coming from friends and relatives). On Sunday tho old master Jerzy Skolimowski keeps Vincent Gallo 80 minutes in a high octan fight/flight modus („Essential killing“). As Roman Polanskis wife Emmanuelle Seigner with lots of Dior’s dark eye makup pretends to be a dumb country woman (who helps the Gallo character) spectator’s goodwill is stretched a little bit far. Miss Segner didn’t come to festival, by the way. Press conference tomorrow with old Jerzy and his producer only.

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