Venice ’10 (day 1)

Interview day with Robert Rodriguez, Nastro Azzuro club, Lido

First day of the festival. I have to leave the screening of the opening flick „Black Swan“ at the very moment when Natalie Portman’s character Nina, a confused ballerina,  is having the first orgasm of her life.

I run to the „Nastro Azzuro“-Club, where the interviews with the „Machete“-crew take place. Hilarious moment during the director Robert Rodriguez‘ interview: a journalist with strong polish accent is constantly posing long, uncomprehensible, but apparently critical questions. Rodriguez wants to understand: „what exactly is your question?“, he asks. Marek: „aren’t you full of pop-culture?“ R: „Full?“ Marek: „aren’t you tired of pop-culture?“ Rodriguez still doesn’t get it, looks around in search of help, which he gets from a bald guy with a flowery shirt: „He wants to know if you don’t feel like doing polish films instead of your usual comic-book stuff“. Everybody laughs. Rodriguez still looks like he doesn’t get it. This guy is definitly lost for any Kieslowski-style movie making.

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